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I bring visions to life!  My experience as a set contractor and props fabricator have taught me a lot about thinking outside the box.  Working in props has given me the opportunity to expand my expertise with every new project;  demanding creative thinking and chances to learn new techniques and work with new materials, all vital to creative problem solving.  I collect skills.  There's nothing i don't want to learn how to do.


For 6 years I worked as a theatre props master with a reputation creative fabrication all over the SF Bay Area.  I entered the world of film full time in 2014.  Working mostly in commercials, I started as a  set contractor and painter.  Few months later I jumped into set dressing and props, simultaneously running  the art department crew along side the Production Designer. I joined Local 16 in 2014, with whom i work as an electrician, stage hand, and did vinyl installation.  I have also worked with a few shops as a carpenter and low voltage electrician building custom exhibits for trade shows and corporate events.  For the past 3 years i worked exclusively with Urban Putt San Jose and Project Manager and Head of Fabrication and Installation.  

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